Kazazian Asset Management (KAM) was founded in 2005 to allow close friends and family to invest capital alongside the founder Kirk Kazazian. Since the beginning, Kirk has been the largest investor in KAM’s flagship fund, Kazazian Capital Fund (KCF). He and his family currently comprise approximately half of KCF’s assets. Nearly all of Kirk’s liquid net worth is invested alongside investors in KCF so that the Investment Manager’s economic interests are aligned with those of the investors.


KAM’s assets have grown the traditional way: by compounding capital at high rates of return over a long period of time. We do not focus on marketing to gain investors; rather, we let our investment returns speak for themselves. Over time, KAM has expanded to invest money for high net worth individuals, foundations, and multi-billion dollar family offices.


KAM’s approach has been honed by 20+ years of experience managing money in a variety of markets. We believe that broader investment truths hold true over time: that the price you pay for an asset significantly impacts your investment returns. We seek opportunities where the odds of investment success are stacked in our favor. This means searching unloved industries and ‘fallen angels’ to uncover interesting risk/reward scenarios. We avoid popular industries and situations in which the investor community is all in agreement.


KAM invests primarily in equities, but also incorporates preferred stock, corporate debt, and private direct loans. We use leverage sparingly and mitigate risk by hedging where appropriate.

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